By joselle - December 02, 2013

I've always liked square photos so when I had the chance I had some photos laid out inside a square. I asked the photo store at the mall to print it in glossy paper and here's the result. Pretty cool, eh? I love how the white gives the photo an instant frame. I'm also changing my watermark, this time with a simple leaf. I liked my old watermark and had fun making it, but I always felt that it was too girly for me. I like leaves, they symbolize the earth, simplicity, being grounded, art, and beauty. I also had fun making the watermark using Picmonkey, which is what I used to create my blog header (hence, same leaf!). It's a more cohesive look, and something I can imagine using for years to come. Check it out if you want to create your own watermark too! 

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  1. I like the leaf, too. Really simple but with character. You can put that in a business card too!

    I initially thought the photos were real instant ones. Btw, what's that in the second photo?

    1. I wrapped the photos in wrapping paper Kat haha. I wanted to place a dried leaf under the twine pero walay pretty nga leaves sa among yard ana nga time. I gave the photos to the client. I'm looking for boxes jud unta, basin ending mgpahimo ko. Kay I would like a thin box, about the size of a CD cover and about 1 cm thin ra...for a few photos ra to give to clients if ever naa LOL. Nice ang feeling mag pa print, now I get why you really liked using film haha


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