Family {Oana at 5 Months}

By joselle - December 19, 2013

I dropped by my cousin's house today and found out that Oana, my cute little niece, just turned 5 months. So naturally I had to take pictures!!! I realized that taking photos of babies is really very different from taking photos of adults. Babies have their own schedules and if they are feeling crabby, they will tell you. Not in so many words, but enough so that you get the idea haha! However, after a short crying spell (is it me or do babies just start crying when I walk into the room?) all was well with Oana's world once again and she was being her usual photogenic, 5-month old self like nothing happened. I would love to photograph more babies in  the future, since apart from crying spells, they are just sooooooo adorable on camera (and off!).
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Prim and proper (no crying this time!)
Her mom told me Oana has her contemplative moods... and I saw it firsthand!

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  1. looks like daylin already lost a lot of her baby fat! and baby oana, oh so adorable!

  2. Super adorable! Nothing in the world can be cuter than babies and baby feet.


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