Hello 2014!!!

By joselle - December 31, 2013

Our house is filled with smoke and I can hear the screech of firecrackers in the distance. I took the photo above from the window, a few minutes before the clock struck 12, before we made the big switch from 2013 to 2014. The dogs are tulala, especially Pip who is having his first New Year in Dumaguete. But all is well, I am here with family, and blessed with all the good things that make my heart fat and full. This year has been filled with so much happiness, lessons learned, new experiences, joy, sadness, light and love. I hope you are looking back at the year that was with joyful eyes too. 

You were great, 2013! 
A big HELLO to you, 2014!!!

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  1. How old is Pip btw? Wish you and this blog more happy posts and for it to overflow with more amazing photos in the years to come! Happy new year, Joselle!

  2. @Kat: Pip is turning 2 this Aug Kat. Whee a great big Happy New Year to you too!

    @Jeff: Happy New Year Jeff!!!


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