Early Christmas Gift: New Domain Name!!!

By joselle - December 14, 2013

I got an early Christmas gift from Kat, a  photographer/graphic designer friend of mine currently based in SG: a new domain name! Couldn't quite believe my ears when she told me that she got me this as an early Christmas gift. With her help, I jumped from a Blogspot subdomain user to having a domain name of my own. I have always wanted to get a domain name of my own, but domains and htmls and the mention of codes and lines of code freak me out and give me a serious case of the hives, so I stayed away. Perhaps this is the Universe's way of telling me that it is finally time to get a domain of my own, and Kat was the person to prod me into taking that important step.

Soooooooooo, welcome to www.joselleamahit.com!!! (still can't believe that I now have a .com after my name. If there's such a thing as a hundred degrees higher than super stoked, that's where I am right now, LOL!) 

The holidays is gearing up to be a great one for me, I can feel it! Thanks Kat for such an amazing, wonderful and super thoughtful gift! 

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  1. You deserve it selle. Merry Christmas!

  2. Time for some serious blogging :) Congratulations. Ka lamay sad aning Banay oi!

  3. @Jeff: I think OK na if d nako ka receive ug laing Christmas gift this year, haha Kat's already made my Christmas!!! :D (and another comment made it Jeff!!! Hopefully d na motukar akong blog haha)


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