Portraits {Sahar I}

By joselle - November 27, 2013

When I first met Sahar I thought she looked foreign and I was right. She is half-Pakistani and at 17 is a willowy beauty with the most striking pair of eyes. A budding model, she wanted to take portraits for fun and to add to her growing portfolio. Her boyfriend Jonas was also with us for the shoot since we were doing the shoot in his house (and what a house!).

Although we started late, Sahar got into the poses in no time and I was cranking my camera every few seconds to capture her every pose. She is definitely a natural model and she knew how to move, how to arch her neck and how to flutter her eyelashes just so for a really arresting stare. In short, I had so much fun! I would hope she and Jonas had fun too! The sun was out almost two hours after we started, which was a bit disappointing since I really wanted to stay and take some more photos, but you really can't take portraits in the dark so we called it a day. Here's the indoor shoot which took us about 15 minutes before we had to run outside to catch the light. 

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  1. Great set selle! Love the subtle editing. U make me miss taking photos and blogging about them! Im still saving up for a new computer so just visiting for now. Keep it up! Looking forward to see u in january and do some major funshoot!

    1. Thanks Kat! Aww get back to taking pictures soon! As for the editing, I'm using this new workflow that I absolutely love, just changes in contrast, saturation, color pop, only a few clicks and I'm done. I love how I can go from one photo to another in a matter of seconds, unlike before when I was stuck in the front of the computer editing. VSCO presets are also wearing off on me, except for the blacks and whites. Major photoshoot when you come home!!! Excited!


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