Musings on a Sunday: Gratitude and November

By joselle - November 02, 2013

I can definitely say that this has been a great two weeks. A friend of mine got married and I got to wear a pretty peach bridesmaids dress (don't you just love it when you get to wear a bridesmaid's dress that you love?), I bought a second battery for my camera (YaY!) I got to stay home and enjoy the afternoons and not worry about going to classes, and I got to shoot a fun and quirky couple who managed to bring in the sunshine to an otherwise foggy and rainy day (more of that engagement shoot in a later post!).

The week also brought a few realizations. The phrase "You are what you think about all day long" was running through my head for a couple of days. It would pop out of nowhere and I would stand there, reminded. I don't know why that quote stuck with me. Perhaps because school is out and I finally had the time to preoccupy my mind with other things that I love like taking photographs and reading the latest blog posts of my favorite photographers, playing with Pip and enjoying orange sunsets in Valencia, and discovering new places to eat! I think we are what we love, and how we show our appreciation for the little things that makes our hearts full are the things most people will likely remember about us when we are gone. A spirit of gratitude can definitely cancel out a great many irritants no matter how major they seem to be at the moment, and it is never that hard to carve out a few seconds of gratitude in a day... there is a multitude of things, big and small to be thankful for! And yes, it is finally November!!! Cannot wait to see what this month has in store for us! 

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  1. Great insight. Im glad u had a great week.

    I agree that we are what we love, even what we dont love. The little things all make up the unique human beings we are.


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