Facebook Likes and Missing Comments

By joselle - November 27, 2013

I rarely post anything about what goes on behind my blogging but recently I felt confident enough to do a little tweaking with the  HTMLs and the foreign-sounding codes that you  can find in any Blogger blog and I thought I can do some changes there without hurting my layout. To cut the long story short, I messed stuff up, LOL! My comments were not appearing and this morning my Facebook LIKE button, which is such an easy way for readers to let me know that they visited, didn't show up. I'm glad online tutorials are always around to help me solve my problems. The links below helped me get my LIKE button back up and running in a matter of minutes and helped me solved my missing comments problem. 

Don't you just LOOOVEEEE the Internet? I do! Morning everyone! 

Helpblogger: Adding Facebook LIKE button to Blogger post 
The Tech Zone: Troubleshooting Comments for Blogger

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  1. Oh how i miss my camera... Thinking of switching to canon btw..

    1. yes make the switch!!! I have tried using both and I still prefer Canon, especially my 50d. Would be nice to go full frame pod LOL! JP does not understand why I'm hung up on the Canon 5D classic. I don't know why pd. Would like to try using that camera though, bsan used LOL!

    2. haha well i'm now convinced i should switch! nikon is ok but i don't know, i feel like changing na. full frame would be good. i hope i can afford. but first to buy a computer. haha

      I notice the like count is not showing up on the main blog page but on the post pages it does change. weird. mine too doesn't update. the thing is i don't have the time to tinker with my blog's html anymore, :)

    3. I intentionally placed the facebook like to reflect the likes for each post, not for my blog itself. When I changed my url, all the likes in my past posts disappeared :( maygani kaning bago naa xa even though I made a few edits after I reinstalled the FB like button. These things are tricky!


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