Couples {Indira+Bryan}

By joselle - November 23, 2013

“I love you not only for what you are, 
but for what I am when I am with you.
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, 
but for what you are making of me. 
I love you for the part of me that you bring out.” 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Finally, this post is up. It's good to be back blogging about love and happy couples once again. Yolanda was a serious blow and for a week my heart broke a thousand times as I watched the news on TV .However, we also saw how unique Filipinos are in our perseverance and in our ability to smile in the midst of the worst calamities Nature can throw at us. And the amount of help we got! Mind-boggling, to see how the world came together, set aside petty differences, and got to the business of sending help our way. My faith in humanity has never been stronger. 

Now off to talk about love. Specifically, the one that binds this cute couple together. :) 

Indira and Bryan are perhaps one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. I got to meet Indira first  and I saw how sweet she was with her sister. I got to see more of that sweetness when I finally got to see her with Bryan. This laid back, fun-loving couple literally chased away the fog and the rain that threatened to ruin the one day that their wedding coordinator, Ate Rona of Purple Parasol, set for their shoot. It rained that morning, and I half-wondered, half-dreamt, if we were pushing through with the shoot. I mean, there was fog in my corner of the city! We rarely have fog and when we do, it usually blankets the entire place in this gray, gloomy haze, so much so that you won't have any difficulty imagining yourself in Ireland or any other place that suffers from perpetual gloomy weather.

However, since both of them worked and had in different towns and had busy schedules, rescheduling the shoot was out of the question. We had to work the little light we had. Fortunately, the rains stopped midway during the shoot and we got a few hours of precious light to take photos. What made the shoot easier was the presence of family members who were there to help out by bringing lunch and even assisting during the shoot (special shout out to Malaika, I's sister who was the perfect assistant!) They made the entire occasion the very definition of a family affair. Indira's parents were also very sweet, gracious and very accommodating and I immediately realized where she and her sister got their sweet and cheerful dispositions from. 

I will always have fun taking these kinds of photos. Seeing how two people can stay so in love after years of being together is such a comforting assurance that love can survive time and distance and all the other obstacles that most couples face. And there's also something about the way couples in love look at each other that is so wonderful to watch. They do not look at other people the same way! There's a look, a gaze, a smile, that appears only when they look at each other. And it's so wonderful just to be there, to be able to catch that. 

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