Couples {Adrian + Fre's Engagement}

By joselle - October 27, 2013

"I can still remember us musing about where our "The Ones" could be at that particular moment over Mamia's iced coffee as we sat on one of the cold benches at the boulevard. Now it's your wedding day and that question is not as significant as before, because it didn't really matter where he was at that moment. What really matters is that he was destined to be with you in this one. Wheeeee! (happy noise sa.) A blessed, happy, exciting life full of laughter and joyful tears to you and Adrian. "

That's the message I had for a good friend of mine who got married today. Fre is one of my close high school friends and despite being drawn to different areas of interest as we got older, this group of friends that we belong to always found that we would effortlessly gravitate toward each other, something that has kept us close through all these years. We would spend hours in cafes talking about our future group dinners together with then unknown boyfriends. Now,most of us are married, Fre being the newest one to enter the club. Having seen how their story unfolded in front of my eyes, it brings in just the right dose of inspiration, something that tells me that things have a way of working out the way you hope they would.
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When Fre texted me to ask if I was available to do a shoot for them, I immediately said yes. This was a way to catch up, give something to a friend for her special day, and one day where I could see Fre and Adrian in love and having fun. And they didn't disappoint! They were naturals, posed and hugged and laughed like I wasn't there. It was so much fun just watching the two of them smile and laugh at some little inside joke or talk about what they had planned to do next after the shoot. And the way Adrian would look at Freslyn during the rare times when I pulled them apart---precious!!! 

After all the trials and the risks these two took just to be together, it's about time they start their happily ever after. Congratulations Fre and Adrian!!! 

Some photos from the short shoot we did last August :D

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  1. So happy for them! And the colors look great! Loving ur lens!


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