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By joselle - September 02, 2013

I cannot remember when I first wanted a leather camera satchel. Perhaps it was when I saw my favorite photographers Josephine Sicad-Minerva and Aileen Siroy either blogging about their favorite satchels or shooting with a stylish satchel that held an extra lens or two. I have always loved the retro look and feel of a satchel, so much so that when I found one for really cheap in SM CDO, I grabbed it and never looked back. I also window-shopped online to find camera satchels like the ones I saw on my favorite websites, since I wanted a camera bag that didn't scream "CAMERA BAG" especially for travelling and walking around the city.

Lo and behold, I found a seller on ebay who sold exactly the ones I were looking for!!!

The great thing is that although the seller was selling from China and sent my satchel through regular China Post, the bag arrived on time! And here it is! I still have a thesis to proofread and print, one day past the deadline, but I am one happy girl!

Good vibes everyone!

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  1. What a good find that is! : )

  2. Thank you Ms Aileen! I love love your blog, especially the Finds section... so many gorgeous stuff and your eye captures each perfectly!


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