Travel {Eatin' KL-- Ain Arabia}

By joselle - July 31, 2013

Since the hotel is literally smack in the center of the city, exploring is as simple as going out and walking into any direction. Kuala Lumpur is really great to explore on foot. The shopping center is just a few minutes away and on the way there there's a lot of eateries and street food that we just had to try. We stopped by Ain Arabia  or Arab street which  is packed full of Arabian restaurants and shops. To top it all off, it seemed like they were having a food fair that day. The street was shut off from motor traffic and hawker stalls were up on both sides, with people selling different kinds of food from kebabs to samosas and the popias. Of course, I had to try whatever I could. It was also fun, asking how much for one piece and paying by myself. There's something different about being in another country and holding a piece of currency in your hand that is totally unfamiliar. But the food was great! I tried their version of the taho, the samosas, and a few multicolored desserts. After having the ultimate Malay fare nasi lemak for breakfast, trying out a few of their delicious street food was a great way to carry on with the day. 

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