Family {Daylin's Baby Bump}

By joselle - June 29, 2013

“You are the closest I will ever come to magic.” 
― Suzanne Finnamore
The Zygote Chronicles
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My cousin Daylin got married a few months back and now she's carrying a healthy baby girl that is due  to come out anytime next month! I can still remember Daylin as a little girl, all bungisngis and loud whenever her family would come to our hometown for the summer. Now she is a full grown woman, married, and with another life growing inside her. It boggles the mind, frankly, how time could fly so fast. It seems like yesterday when we were kids playing and climbing trees. I suppose we all have to grow up and have babies and build our families, and I am so glad to see Daylin building her own with the man of her dreams and very soon, the first (I hope) of many children. 

I cannot wait to see this little person in the flesh, all pink and wrinkly as most babies tend to be. I can just imagine this little baby growing up to be a head turner like her mother. And with an excited family, complete with aunts and uncles and lolos and lolas on both sides to greet her arrival, I'm sure this little bundle of joy is excited to come out into the world too. 

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