Travel {Sipalay Summerin' 2013}

By joselle - May 13, 2013

“This is my carefree, this is my freedom–this is MY HAPPY.” 
― Coco J. Ginger

Finally! After wondering if I'll ever be able to feel the sand between the toes before the summer was over, Sipalay happened. To be honest I was looking forward to this trip the entire week! I have not been to Sipalay so it was something new, and I do not regret going one bit! Although the trip took longer than expected (we had to go back after reaching the halfway point due to car trouble), the road was smooth, the view was great and I felt like this was the summer vacation that I desperately needed to recharge.

This was a reunion of sorts. My family had this pseudo-tradition of taking road trips, stopping along the way to eat, and discover new places together. We had not done trips like that in a long time, until now, so it was something that brought back a lot of great memories of  hour-long rides, rolling green hills, winding roads of smooth, black asphalt or hard, crunchy gravel, the smell of sugarcane, blue skies-- you get the picture.
Gorgeous view from Nataasan
Sipalay sunset--awesomness!

Sipalay is beautiful! The long and wide stretches of white sand beaches, the beautiful sunset, the smell of pork BBQ and fresh seafood roasting by the beach, everything just screams relaxation and good food! The best thing about it is that Sipalay, although a city, feels so much like a quiet small town, but with really nice resorts all within  minutes away from each other. How great would it be to live in a rural town with great resorts all within short driving distance whenever you want something nice to eat? That would definitely be AWESOME! Although it rained (a bit too heavily at times) we didn't let the rain deter us from visiting all the resorts within reach, where we saw other die-hard beachlovers catching the tail end of summer just like we were.
Dining room of the Sipalay Suites
Poolside at Nataasan
Poolside at Sipalay Suites
Early swim in the morning! Sweet!
Me! Finally! At the beach! Oh joy!Oh rapture! Couldn't pass this up so I took a photo of my not-so-pretty landflippers. 
Family :) 
Short stop at Punta Bulata

Two days is definitely too short a time to experience all the lovely beaches here. I swear on Pepito's fluffy fur that I'll go back next year!!!

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  1. nice nice nice! indeed something new! gamay pa gyud ako nakita pics sa sipalay ever.

  2. Wonderful blog post Joselle! I love the place. I have been yearning since 2009 to go to Sipalay. I don't know when I could go there but I am certain I definitely will step foot on this land one day. :)


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