Happy Mother's Day, Mama :)

By joselle - May 12, 2013

My mom is one of the most amazing people I know, perhaps, the MOST amazing.Her faith, her ability to be kind in the face of situations that normal people use as an excuse to be unkind, and her unwavering reminder to me, my brother and my sister to pray and go to church every Sunday makes me wonder about how she does it. Perhaps it is because my mother is a praying woman, perhaps that's where all that strength comes from, and perhaps I should double up on my praying too. Mothers, too me, are amazing. They are counselors and doctors and drill sergeants and sisters and best friends. Perhaps you learn all these things when you have children, perhaps there is no other way than to be all these people rolled into one, but still, it is amazing how mothers face all these responsibilities head-on and still manage to smile and laugh and give wise advice when needed--- it simply boggles my mind. 

To my mother, who is both my confidant and the person who gives me a good whacking in the head when I need it, Happy Mother's Day :)

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