By joselle - May 03, 2013

"The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, 
and only the wise can see them." 
— Paulo Coelho 
The Alchemist

Ah summer. I am in the middle of it, but I keep thinking, I should be doing more, being out more, enjoying the sun. Work gets in the way, and the million things I need to do that I can't seem to get done. Thankfully there are days where a breather just manages to squeeze past  my To-Dos and I end up thankful that I took a  break. Wednesday was Labor Day and that meant no work. We headed out to Cabcab where my cousin's mom and her family lived. It was right next to the beach, with a fantastic view of Apo Island. The water looked so inviting, despite the scorching heat. I didn't bring swimming clothes, however, so I just sat around, breathed the salty sea breeze and wondered why I've been depriving myself of moments like these for so long. I also took a few photos of  kids who were luckier than me because they were in their shorts and briefs and they were enjoying the water like there was no tomorrow. To be a kid again, that would be a dream I would not mind having. To be a kid again and enjoy the waves and not worry about a thing.

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  1. As most adults would say, life always gets in the way. All we can do is plan it out and set enough vacation time to refresh our minds from hectic days of work.

    Great shot of the kid diving.


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