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By joselle - April 27, 2013

Sula Resto is a traditional Pinoy restaurant located 15 minutes from the city. The resto is owned by  a celebrated local furniture maker so you will see furniture for sale incorporated in the restaurant's decor. Wooden benches and chairs, metal lamps and mirrors--it's a restaurant that doubles as a showroom, which is such a practical way to display merchandise, methinks.

The family went to Sula for the first time last year upon the recommendation of my brother. He loved the native chicken and fish dishes, but was sure that they served more. For our first visit we ordered the fried native chicken, buko halo, I think I remember ordering leche flan, and sandwiches. The food was good, no doubt about it. They even have fish, which suited my father very well.

The restaurant is a little bit out of the way, so we didn't see other customers when we went there. However, I think they get their fair share of customers during the day, especially those who are looking for authentic Pinoy cuisine.

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