Personal {Of Soulmates and Chocolates}

By joselle - April 14, 2013

“...and when one of them meets the other half,
the actual half of himself,
whether he be a lover of youth or
a lover of another sort,
the pair are lost in an amazement
of love and friendship and intimacy
and one will not be out of the other's sight,
as I may say, even for a moment...”
― Plato,
The Symposium

Something happened today that made me stop and smile. While Skyping with the boyfriend, he blurted out that I was his best friend. I knew that already, of course. We've told each other this many times in the past, but to hear it out of the blue, it was something else. He probably said that because I was making one of my faces that made him laugh and frown at the same time, before he'd tell me to stop because it was turning him off, haha!)

Personally I would not go into a relationship with someone who has no potential of becoming my best friend and trusted confidant, if not in the beginning of the relationship, at  least some point in the future. But to hear that out loud and so clearly, well, it sounded more concrete, more real. It was also a reassuring confirmation that I was not the only one deluding myself that I had a bestfriend in this relationship. But anyway, too much for that. I am never one for mushy talking (everything in moderation, I say!).

I was clearing my cluttered desktop of pictures and collages that needed to be sorted out into their folders and I saw a couple of photos that I pasted to the desktop for posting later. I eventually forgot about the photos and they just sat on the desktop for months, gathering digital dust, until now. 

These are photos of my Valentine's gift for the boyfriend, bars of chocolate that I painstakingly wrapped in a custom wrapper with our mugs on the front and cheesy words all over them. I love giving personalized gifts, and since I'm not filthy rich giving personalized gifts suits me better than shopping for something expensive that he is probably not going to wear or use or whatever. He can at least eat chocolates (he loves taunting me with foot-long bars of Snickers whenever we see each other on Skype) so chocolates were the safest bet. I took so long wrapping these gifts that I was late for our lunch and he got mad and we had a Valentine's Day fight instead of Valentine's day lunch (V-day is overrated, anyway). Everything worked out (a little bit of crying was involved) and I was able to give him my gift  and we spent the rest of day like no fight happened. Random thought: V-day was also the same day when one of the historic houses in Dumaguete and the ancestral house of a law school classmate of mine burned down ( a LOT of things happened on this day, apparently, couples dating, fighting, houses burning down, etc.... pretty happening day<---mindless chatter="" font="" here="" nbsp="" right="">

Looking back at these moments, the moments of fighting and petty bickering and me being late to dates and what-not, makes me realize that I have really found my soulmate. We may be miles apart but we are together, probably closer than others who are physically together. And thoughts like that make me smile, along with the fact that I ended up eating most of  the chocolates since he forgot to take them when he went back to China :)

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  1. Enjoyed this post a lot! I loove the custom wrapping! And I know what you mean with custom made stuff. I would totally give gifts with personal (custom) touch if I had a bf.

    Did you write the ingredients for the Udaman bar?

    And was that really valentine's day when that ancestral house burned down? That's one way of setting things "on fire" on Valentine's day! haha

    I think the best relationships and those that last are the ones built on friendship. That's so important (I think) because it makes relationships more meaningful (I think — haha). And it does take courage to say things out loud so I think he feels strongly about it.


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