Couples {Daylin+Rolly}

By joselle - April 18, 2013

“I love you without knowing how, 
or when, or from where.
I love you simply, 
without problems or pride:
I love you in this way 
because I do not know 
any other way of loving but this, 
in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand 
upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate 
that when I fall asleep
your eyes close.” 
― Pablo Neruda, 
100 Love Sonnets
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My cousin got married! 

Funny, everytime I say this it still feels weird. My cousin Daylin got married last Saturday, April 13, and although I was part of the entourage, I managed to take a few photos and dear brother covered the rest. The wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch, considering that the couple only had a few precious months to prepare. The reception (held at the gorgeous Tierra Alta) was also something I will remember for years. Summer always comes with the most beautiful sunsets and this day was no exception. The setting sun bathed the entire area in a soft orange glow and because we were high up near the mountains, it was cooler, the perfect place to watch the stars come out. If you have been to Tierra Alta, you will know that the place is gorgeous enough as it is. The fact that you feel like you can touch the clouds as you stand there, surrounded by green all around with the sky above and behind you, it makes any occasion a notch more magical and romantic.

Don't you just love weddings? What makes it even more special is when it becomes a reunion, where you meet members of the family you have not seen for a long time. I also loved how the couple's sponsors delivered their messages and words of wisdom. I love how my Lolo danced his usual jig as he escorted Daylin's Lola to their table. And I love how the couple smiled their way through the whole event, without a doubt relieved and thankful that the wedding is finally, finally over! (*because trust me, wedding preparations are as stressful as a trip to the dentist wrapped in a few months of preparation for the Board exams: my own definition, but I'm sure married people know what I'm talking about*)

I'm so glad my brother was there to take over taking the pictures since I basically had the prep time to fiddle with my camera and take a few shots. He did a pretty great job, taking pictures of the church ceremony until the reception. It was so great to see familiar faces there, from my Lolo to aunts and uncles who made the two-hour trip from our hometown just to witness Daylin's and Rolly's big day. Now with Daylin already hitched, I'm wondering who among my gorgeous cousins is slated to follow suit ;)

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  1. Who's next is going to be you, if not then next to whoever's next! I love how you captured your lolo's goofy smile. I don't know him but he sure seems to have a fun childish side of him.

    I think there was quite a story behind this wedding judjing from all the tears I saw from the couple, especially Daylin. But what matters is at end of the day, they are happy.

    1. Haha! Actually my brother took that photo of Lolo Kat. And yes, Lolo is perhaps the goofiest old person I know... kabantay ka atong nisayaw xa while ga paso sa Tierra? Ganyan lng naman c Lolo haha.Aw methinks naa pay lain nga mauna nako haha! And yes, taas taas jud ang story behind this wedding, mao nang I'm sure everyone is glad na it finally happened haha!


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