First Day of Shooting with Film

By joselle - April 02, 2013

I have been putting off shooting with film for months now, ever since I received the package from a good friend containing some pieces from his vintage camera collection that he decided to give to me. Film has an element of uncertainty with it-- you cannot just look at  a viewfinder and see if you got a good shot or not. Today, I mustered the courage to load one of the film rolls into the camera. It took me two tries before I was confident  that the film loaded correctly, and I shut the film compartment and cranked the lever to see if the number 1 will show up. Whew (*dramatic brow wipe*)Thank God it did!!!

A rangefinder is very different from an SLR although the focusing is very interesting and quite fun to do. It is fun aligning the glowy orb thing so that the double images disappear and you get a clear image.  I also had to get adjusted to the fact that I cannot just look at my photos after taking a shot. I noticed that after every shot I would look down at the camera, expecting the LCD screen to be there. No such luck. The change is a welcome one, since it is quite a challenge to get used to this, and the anticipation that comes with each shot, as I think about how it will come out when it finally gets developed, is something new.

A photo of me, taking first shots using the rangefinder, thanks to Kat Banay. :D

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  1. thanks selle, use link for my photo diary blog nalang. :) loove the camera photos. photogenic kaayo.

    1. Thanks Kat! Yes, it is pretty no? Now if only I knew how to use it for real haha!

  2. Wow! I told Kat we also own a Yashica TL Electro (a black one). Yours seem to look better than ours :) We should do a film photo walk when Sandy & I drop by in Dumaghetto. But can I bring Digital?

    1. Wheeee come come come to Dumaguete for a film photowalk! That would be a real treat for me! I can finally meet the duo behind Green & Purple!!!Go sa dala sa digital, I think I'd be bringing mine too since I think I need many more days of studying to really figure out how the Yashica Electro works.

      And by the way, congrats on the trip to meet Jasmine Starr! I was talking to Kat kanina and I told her na I think your level of excitement at meeting her would be the same level of excitement I would feel if I meet you, Sandy and your friend and fellow-amazing photographer Josephine Sicad-Minerva haha!


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