Charmed Moments in Ordinary Days

By joselle - April 03, 2013

“...there is no such thing as a charmed life, 
not for any of us, 
no matter where we live or how mindfully we attend to the tasks at hand. 
But there are charmed moments,
 all the time,
 in every life and in every day,
 if we are only awake enough to experience them when they come
 and wise enough to appreciate them.” 
― Katrina Kenison 
The Gift of an Ordinary Day: A Mother's Memoir

I love going and walking by the boulevard when the sun is about to set and the afternoon is awash in a hazy, pink and yellow light. Dumaguete is magical at this hour, and the I think the people who go out to enjoy the sun and the breeze as they sit on one of the many benches facing the sea know it too. 

the Boulevard
They look like they're ready to put on a show, lined up like that. :)
Setting up shop for the afternoon's batch of shoppers 
Gorgeous colors!
 I especially love summer afternoons, because I am free to wander and enjoy the sunset. I  no longer have to endure so-near-and-yet-so-far moments, times when I am just a  a short walk away from the boulevard but I know that I will have to miss another gorgeous sunset, another charmed afternoon, just because there's something more important to do. This particular afternoon, there was no hurry, no rush, and I walked the pace of  the others ahead of me who were in no hurry to be someplace else, either. I just love living here :)

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  1. Those little penguins are funny kay I see those also being lined up sa corner sa jollibee fronting Lee Plaza. They have a naturally swaying movement (the penguin walk) that when you see them at a glance, it looks like they're real baby penguins! so adorable and funny at the same time!

    1. I think its the sand inside that helps them keep their balance haha! Cutiepiepenguinies!

  2. the last time i was in Dumaguete was during the wedding of Roselle, i miss the boulevard :)

  3. i have been wanting to take a picture of those little penguins but didnt have enough courage to do so. magandang composition sana buti ka pa. anyway... i hope u still remember me. -mar


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