Ramen at Rai Rai Ken

By joselle - February 16, 2013

My first  time at Rai Rai Ken was on a dull afternoon with the boyfriend on his first week here.  The side of the mall was quiet, since it was a school day and an afternoon to boot. Rai Rai Ken was empty which suited us fine. I was in the mood for something hot and warm to soothe my tummy and the boyfriend suggested we get some noodle soup. I'm not really a fan of ramen (chopsticks are NOT my friends! :O) but I agreed with him that ramen was probably the best thing for my tummy at that time. And so into Rai Rai Ken we went!

Rai Rai Ken is located along the back of Robinson's Dumaguete, along the short strip of restaurants beside Dong Juan's and Kalikaf. It stands just right across the Bingo hall (another thing I have yet to try!) and is pretty small, but they are making a habit of putting out tables outside to accommodate diners who prefer to eat al fresco

He suggested we get the red iced tea. It was good! I feel like red iced tea is something very Chinese and ramen-y, something they usually serve in ramen houses... of course, I could be mistaken, since I often do not go into ramen  houses that often haha!
Ah chopsticks. We never got along, and perhaps, we never will!
And for that, I thank the person who invented the fork :D
Ramen! Ramen everywhere! The miso was good though.
I was beginning to feel anxious that I would not like, but I did. I also like how fast the service was. 
Will I go back? Probably when I get the munchies for some good ol' noodle soup that is not of the instant variety, haha! I'll probably try the dumplings next time, but I think I'll try practicing on my chopsticks first! :D

If you have better chopsticks skills than I do, check Rai Rai Ken out here. 

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