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By joselle - February 17, 2013

Short, short post. I spent the last two weeks in study mode, cramming for midterms and spending some QT with the boyfriend so there was not much in terms of creativity. Writing and work even got put on the backburner for a while (which is why I'm rarin' to get back to work tomorrow!). Anyway, back to this post . 

I've always wanted to take photos of my stuff lying around in my room (for posterity's sake) and figured today was a good day as any. I also wanted to try out the new lens that JP brought with him. If not for him, I would not be able to enjoy the creamy bokeh and fast speed that you can get (without any effort whatsoever) from a 1.4. This baby is really something! JP, UDAMAN! 

Family Guy love right here!!!
I love Clean. I love how light and clean it smells. I also love the unassuming light blue packaging.
There was a time when I succumbed to an obsession over boxes.
Lots of cute, artsy-fartsy boxes. It's a good thing that each just cost me P25 back when I bought them. 
I have a lot of books, but the ones here are the ones I'm either currently reading or those that I regularly flip through. 
I realize that two of my cousins gave me the two items here... my cousin who lives in China and her sister who lives in Dubai gave me these. I also realized that most of the pretty stuff I own were given to me, not bought by me. How great is that? All these pretty, cute stuff and I didn't even spend a dime on them. :) Thank God for friends. And cousins.
Colorful beads given to me by another friend. The colors remind me of her own love for bright, bold colors. The black beaded necklace was given by another friend when she came home from Dubai. 
Bought this miniature water pail from the only flea market/vintage store in the city, Alymae.
It's too small to be used as a real water pail, so it sits on my dresser stuffed with fake flowers. 
I wish, wish, wish that I could hold a mini photo-shoot with  this vintage baby as the subject. Hopefully that day will come and soon!
My mom's vintage brooch. I keep all pieces of jewelry I own in this box given to me last Christmas by the ever thoughtful brother. He knows what I like! 
 There you go. Stuff that I have on my dresser. I wanted to start this post with a deep, perhaps artsy quote about personal spaces and what-not, but I figured the pictures and a little  description would suffice for now. I didn't realize that I have some pretty cool stuff.  :D 

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  1. ooh! lovelyy! 1.4 so delish!

    1. Indeed! Still getting used to capturing stuff with this one.


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