Kwek-Kwek in Valencia

By joselle - February 18, 2013

Last weekend the brother and I decided to take a short drive up to Valencia. He wanted to take water shots using his camera, while I just wanted to do a little driving.We felt hungry so we stopped by one of the food stalls that sell tempura and kwek-kwek at  the park. It was almost dark but there was a line for that stall and I figured that they must sell tasty street food. 

I ordered the kwek-kwek since I have not tried it yet. I'm familiar with tempura and fish flats but not kwek-kwek. To be honest, the fake orange color turned me off and I really did not know why it looked round and bloated.

To my surprise, it actually turned out to be delicious!!! My brother told me that kwek-kwek has eggs inside, and the best ones have full, hard-boiled eggs. Smaller versions have quail's eggs inside them which makes for smaller, bite-sized kwek-kwek balls. The orange color is because of food dyes, and although they give the balls a pretty unnatural color, they do not affect the taste whatsoever. I also liked how the vendor wrapped a bowl in plastic and placed the kwek-kwek there. It was much easier eating them off a bowl than eating the balls off a stick. I spent 40 pesos for the kwek-kwek balls and squid balls, which is pretty cheap for an afternoon snack. 

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