Hello February!

By joselle - February 02, 2013

It's the second day of February, and the year is rolling like a train, seemingly unstoppable. I cannot believe that we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day in two weeks! I'm extra thrilled about this year's V-day because this is going to be the first time (*fingers crossed!!!*) that I'll be celebrating it with the boyfriend (yep, that is how pathetic our LDR has become). I cannot blame him, though, since he always made it a point to spend time with me either before or after that day in the two years that we've been together, and I never put too much stock on Valentine's Day anyhow, so it was all good. But a girl does need that one Valentine's Day to feel like she's like all other girls out there, going out for for dinner, being part of the mushy, hand-holding crowd, even for just once in her life, so I'm hoping that this year, is going to be that year. I'm not the mushy type, no sir, so I think after this year I can deal with missed Valentine's Days (but a gift is always a must, don't you think?) 

February definitely did not come too fast for me, and I'm glad it's finally here!!! 

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