French Macarons... or not. :D

By joselle - February 17, 2013

JP was scheduled to spend the second and last week of his winter vacation with me, after spending the weekend in CDO. I asked him to bring me a box of French Macarons, if they have them since CDO is already home to SM and Centrio and KetKai, while Dumaguete only has Robinsons so we have a pretty limited array of options when it comes to pastries here, which is really not that bad unless you really want to know what French Macarons taste like. I've been seeing photos of these pastel-colored treats all over the internet, and I believe that there are pastry shops in Bacolod that sell them, but alas, none in Dumaguete.
from howtocookthat
I was already half -thinking that there could be a teeny tiny chance that he'd bring me the macaroons that most of us know, you know, the kind made with shredded coconuts. They taste good and I've had many childhood memories of me and friends munching on tasty, fresh-from-the-oven coconut or butter macaroons, but this time I wanted 'em French and round and pastel-colored!!!

To make the long story short, dear boyfriend came bringing the shredded coconut macaroons. I couldn't get mad, even if I tried.  I imagined him walking all over the mall, looking for the macarons but not knowing what they look like. The effort was very much enough for me. Perhaps we can try French Macarons together the next time he visits. If the urge becomes too irresistible, I could just hop on a bus bound for Cebu and fix this French macaron obsession once and for all :) And besides, the macaroons he brought were so colorful and cute, I really regretted not taking any pictures of those before my brother and sister got to them. 

I enjoyed the last of his macaroon pasalubong since my brother and sister ate the entire contents of the box, except this one. And it tasted pretty good!

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