Estrella's Halo-halo

By joselle - February 07, 2013

I love Valencia and all good things fruity and fresh which  is why the boyfriend and I went up to Valencia yesterday to cap a day of studying and hanging out with some halo-halo goodness. Estrella's is far from fancy but it is homey and familiar and it's where we had lunch before we went up our trek up the Japanese Shrine!!!

 The halo-halo is still the same ( I would love it if they started serving it with ice cream), fresh and cool and with just the right amount of sugar. As we ate the cool Valencia air swirled in carefree abandon (I'm feeling extra poetic tonight, haha) and I was again reminded how badly I want to live in Valencia when I have the chance. Oh to live here and have halo-halo whenever I wanted. That would be heaven! 

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