Couples {Daryl+Maricel}

By joselle - January 09, 2013

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“At best, love is simply the slipping of a hand in another's,
of knowing you are where you belong at last,
and of exchanging through the eyes
that all-consuming regard 
which ignores everybody else on earth.” 
― Laurie Lee
I Can't Stay Long
couples, couples, couples, couples, couples, couples
I assisted as the second shooter in another Dumaguete wedding back in December of last year, and what a beautiful wedding it was. All weddings are beautiful, methinks, especially if you are surrounded by flowers and lace, but this one was made even more beautiful by the gorgeous gown, the beautiful bride, and the cutest little flower girls I have ever seen. I also got a  second taste of how tedious weddings can be...all that hard work and preparation, waking up early for the big day, fussing over the details like who's driving who to the church, etc, but I guess all that work is worth it. You do get to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate, so I guess all that work  is something that most brides just want to get done and over with, no matter how tiring and stressful it gets. 

Daryl and Maricel have been together  for quite some time, and to see their faces light up with a glow that you only see in couples in love, it is truly magical. And the fact that both worked in different sides of the globe yet they managed to keep their love alive despite the distance somehow makes you think that there is hope for the world yet! Truly, love can weather distance and time. If you are meant to be together, nothing will keep you apart.

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