The Faces of Christmas

By joselle - December 27, 2012

Christmastime always brings all sorts of people to our doors. In my hometown, people like to go around caroling for a few pesos, which can amount to a lot if you work at it hard enough. This has been a tradition of sorts and I'm sure it is the same all over the Philippines.

It is usually the people from the mountains who like to sing and ask for Christmas gifts. They go in groups, with  homemande ukuleles in hand, most of them wearing thick jackets to ward off the heat or the cold winds brought by the amihan winds. This Christmas is no different. In just one day we had four groups of people who came by to sing, ask for something hot to drink, and even for old clothes. Of course, we give what we could, and they are always grateful, quite unlike some Christmas carolers here in Dumaguete who sing one stanza from a popular Christmas song and proceed to DEMAND that they be given something in return. Where's the Christmas spirit in that, I ask you?

In my hometown, carolers sing Visayan Christmas songs in the distinct plaintive notes that characterize songs from the mountains They also are genuinely happy with whatever we give, whether its a plate of food or a few coins. We had the privilege to be visited by several groups of carolers when we went home for Christmas, and hearing their songs made me wax nostalgic for all the Christmases that have gone by. 

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  1. I know what you mean by that one stanza of Christmas song they sing!

    But twice I saw a man carrying a harp and seriously singing carols and he doesn't stop and go to the next one even after he's been given something. Uban manglakaw na dayun pagnatagaan na. nawung ra jud ug kwarta.

    Great captures, they look really good in black and white.


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