Staying In (and Unplugging) Because of Pablo

By joselle - December 07, 2012

The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. 
Pico Iyer 

On the day that Pablo came, the sun was shining brightly, and we half-expected to hear news about the storm veering off course. The sky was bright and clear in the morning, very unlike the weather you would expect if a storm was predicted to pay your place a visit. I spent the day taking pictures and helping with the preparations for the storm. We knew that the power was going out during or after the storm so we stocked up on  batteries and food. Pablo was strong, but the good thing was that it hovered over Dumaguete for a maximum of two hours. A few hours before the storm hit, the power was cut off, and we had to rely on the battery-powered radio for the news. We also put the candles to good use. These are some shots I took before and during Pablo while staying indoors.

The lack power, which would last for three days, enabled me to get my colored pencils out and start drawing  again. In  between, I learned to appreciate the useful practicality of a battery-operated radio. In the age of the internet, where you can stream music played by radio stations halfway around the world, we easily prefer digital music streams to the often limited music offerings of our local radio stations. But during the storm, the local stations remained on air and got important information out to everyone in the city.

I actually missed the peace and quiet that the forced absence of power provided for three days. It got me thinking that days when we unplug and enjoy the non-digital might be very good for us. 

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