Solitary Saturday in Siquijor

By joselle - December 07, 2012

I went back to Siquijor after almost three years of being gone. I missed the island, its wide expanse of powdery white sand that greets you at the port, the long, winding roads flanked by various shades of green, and the old dilapidated box houses that you see along the road. Siquijor means both mystery and beach fun to me,  two widely opposite things that somehow manage to coexist only on this island.

I went there to meet up with a friend and her cousin who was getting married. We arrived just before noon, and they were there to meet us. To fill in my day we planned a small shoot which took us all over the island (whoopee!). Getting around was quite fun.The air in the island is so fresh, so I did not mind leaning out of the car window so I can inhale as much of the fresh, crisp air as I can. It reminded me of my hometown, where trees abound and where there is less cement than fresh soil. Somehow, the air just feels different in places were nature is left mostly untouched,  lacking the  dreary embellishments of cement roads and buildings.

I stayed in Salagdoong. This was my first time to stay in a hotel all by myself, and I must say I don't think I would want to try doing so ever again. The beach was inviting, and there's a pool which is open until 10 PM. However, I was alone, and I definitely felt that things would have been better if I stayed in the hotel with a group of friends. However, I wanted to cross "Check in hotel by yourself" off my bucket list, so I knew I had to endure the night. More on my Salagdoong experience later. :) 

The trip wasn't one I regret making, however. I had fun, and I got to see parts of the island I have never seen before. Since my hosts had a car, I got to see most parts of Siquijor I would not have otherwise seen. And because we had to make frequent stops, I was able to walk the streets, feel the crunch of Siquijor gravel under my slippers, and meet new people. The people in the island are friendly, and they sported that distinct provincial smile and  the same glint in the eyes that tell you they mean exactly what they say. I loved how the town of Lazi reminded me of Dipolog, and for a long time I felt that  pleasant feeling that one often gets when you are walking around not really knowing  where you are going, but not feeling lost, either. 

I missed the sunny streets of Siquijor as soon as I got home. It is good that the island is only minutes away. I would gladly return in a heartbeat. But with a gang of noisy friends this time around.

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  1. what a beautiful sunrise. my favorite in salagdoong is the forest you pass by before reaching the place.

    1. I didn't know na this was on the way to Salagdoong Kat, so it was a very pleasant surprise :D It is soooo pretty jud btaw, especially in the afternoon.

  2. i was lead to ur blog when u left a comment on mine...thanks for dropping by...and oh gawwwd i miss the beach terribly and then i saw this post? dreamy! love love! :)

    1. Oh thank you for dropping by! I love your work, am a huge fan! And I really find your props so cute and interesting. Maybe it's one of the perks of doing what you do, getting to shop for all those cute and colorful props for shoots :)


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