Saturday in Salagdoong Beach Resort, Siquijor

By joselle - December 13, 2012

I spent the first Saturday of December in Salagdoong, Siquijor. I love how blue the water is over there. The huge rock  located to one side of the resort is a popular jumping point for adventurous souls, and there's a pool and a restaurant those who want to lay back and just have a good time. I stayed in one of the rooms on the third floor, where I had  a double-occupancy room all to myself. I initially liked the idea of a solitary weekend all by my lonesome, but the lack of Wifi and TV in my room put a stopper on my happiness somewhat. I can hole up in a room as long as it is cool and it has TV and an internet connection. Other than that, I am likely to curl up in a ball and start reminiscing about the most depressing moments of my life. I started to read Anne Frank's diary on my phone, but knowing that she was going to die depressed me even more. So I opted for the lighter romance novels in my phone, which made me cry happy tears in the middle of one sappy story. 

Since the Wifi does not reach the top floor, you have to go down to the lobby to check your messages. Power went out a couple of times during the night, which is apparently common on the island. Oh well. I had a good night's sleep, though, and the food in the resort is good, although bottled water and ice cream are pretty expensive. 

road to the resort
Good food, fresh vegetables!
garlic chicken

walking up to the hotel, you see interesting lines created by the shadows
Second floor looby of Hotel Agripino

new portion of the resort
If there is anything to be learned during this trip, is that Salagdoong is best enjoyed if you are with a rowdy group of friends. Perhaps doing a solitary trip is good if  you just had a really toxic week and you want to recharge. However, Siquijor is all about beach and sun and fun, all three, in my opinion, better spent with company.

More information on Salagdoong Beach Resort and the hotel here. 

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