Sally Mann and the Deaths of Innocence

By joselle - December 16, 2012

I have been looking at a lot of Sally Mann's photographs lately after seeing one of her works here. She is one of  the most influential American photographers who ever lived, and her works are so unique since they  have this ability to project a powerful aura of despair and death in photographs that are hauntingly beautiful and real. She used her own children for a large part of her works, in ways that seemed to be a bit controversial for her time, but the photos are honest and human and grungy, absolute depictions of their life and home.

I was browsing through my collections of photos that I have forgotten and saw a set of photos of Crystel, a kid from my hometown. Crystel is cute and bubbly, very adorable. However, during the day that I took the photos of her, we both agreed that she stop posing and just walk and act naturally, which she happily did with ease.

After the Connecticut shootings on last Friday that took the lives of 20 children and 8 adults, I felt the B&W treatment a little bit fitting for the photos in this post, especially as I sit hear listening to news reports saying that the victims were mostly kids 6-7 years old. I cannot imagine the heartbreak the parents and the entire community must feel. All those young lives snuffed out, the horror and pain the parents must be going through right now. Like the rest of the world, I am also left speechless. This thing didn't just take out the lives of those people and those precious little children, it took the innocence of the rest of the kids in that school who survived. No child should be made to go through the tragedy of losing a friend, a classmate, in the hands of a madman.

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  1. Very nice, I love the hide-and-seek photos and the doll. Truly inspiring Sally Mann. The kids in her photos have now grown up. I wonder how it feels to be in a popular picture your mother took of you when you were a child.

    1. Yes, how cool would that be having Sally Mann for a mother haha (although I wouldn't trade my mom for her, LOL!) Her photos are really something!


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