Personal {My Cup Runs Over: Musings on the Holidays}

By joselle - December 20, 2012

Despite a couple of bad news that greeted my holidays I ended the day with a thankful heart and a new perspective on set-backs. I keep reminding myself that minor struggles often seem so large when you are fighting them, but  when you look back, when time has given you the right perspective, all of it, especially the negative things, seems so small. The important thing is to focus on the things that matter, like friends, family, having a roof over your head, being and knowing that you are truly and genuinely loved, and knowing that you can give that kind of love in return. Everything else is just  superfluous fluff.

Which brings me to the topic of my friends. Ah, my friends. We are finding it hard to meet up as frequently as we used to, but moments with them always leave me feeling fresh and energized. This holiday, it was my house for the holiday party, and we started a new tradition of giving one gift each to the rest, pretty fun if you are at the receiving end, not so much if you are flat broke and the thought of giving to six or seven girls is not something that is financially feasible for you (but we managed). Of course, it was the usual night of eating, catching up, reminiscing, taking lots of pictures, despite the fact that some of us were missing. The food was great, the companionship even more so. So as I bid them goodbye, the cool gravel under my feet and the whiff of Christmas air in my nostrils, I realized again, that I am more than blessed. I may not have a perfect life, but my cup runs over.

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