Couples {Oscar+Karen}

By joselle - June 05, 2011

Oscar is the older brother of a friend and classmate when I was in nursing school, and when she asked me if we were willing to do a prenup shot, Kat and I jumped at the chance. We did the shoot in early 2011. They were pretty excited about getting hitched, so it was a joy for us to shoot their last days before the big day. Oscar was a bit shy at first, but prodded by Karen, who looked so pretty in her white dress, he began to warm up and began enjoying the shoot. It poured halfway into the shoot, and I had to make a quick detour for home before the second location to change. Despite the rain, and a sudden scare when I realized by battery ran out, we got the shots we needed.

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  1. oh I just remembered that I also had not posted my set for this yet. great to see you're posting the old ones, they deserve to be seen in you blog!

  2. Oh wait, the date says June 2011. Weird it showing up in the new posts feed.

    1. Thanks Kat. Yup, the date is wrong because the draft for this was started last year but I never got around to it. :) I was looking at my drafts and felt bad about deleting them, so I'm slowly completing the drafts para mapost.


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