Couples {Karen+Ricky}

By joselle - December 10, 2012

People ask if I do this for a living, shooting couples for prenups, weddings, etc. I don't, although  it is a fun pastime. I don't want the activity to lose its appeal to me if I start to take this  hobby of taking photos to a new level by seriously earning from it. Plus, I really don't think I'll be good enough to do this professionally. But there are times when  the activity becomes so much fun that I actually get why a lot of photographers, especially female photographers,  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what  they do, especially those who focus on pre-nups and engagement shots, as well as family portraits and baby shoots. 

Shoots sometimes become so fun, so easy, that  they become more play than work. That's how I felt when I visited Siquijor  for a much needed  R&R and to strike out another item off my bucket list. I met Karen and Ricky, who, by the way, just got married today!!! (Congratulations and a great bear hug from me!!!) Oh, they were the nicest couple, purely down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and so accommodating. And they share something so deep and so special that I could not possibly put down in words. It was such an honor for me to meet them and hear about their love story.


Congratulations Karen and Ricky!

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