Christmas Came Early!

By joselle - December 26, 2012

Despite a roller-coaster year, December started of with a blast for me. A friend of mine was clearing out his collection of old rangefinders. and decided (bless his heart) to give me two of them!!! *happy cartwheels* So before the school break ended I got the happy notice from the post office to claim the package which contained the two cameras that he sent all the way from Belgium. One is a Yashica Rangefinder Electro 35 GSN and an Olympus XA2. I never imagined I would get a film camera this early, but I did, and now I cannot wait to try them out. Both cameras are rangefinders, which means I have a few hours of learning ahead of me, but still, can't wait!!! More blessings came as the days wore on, including a cute little coin purse from Nikki and two New York Times bestsellers from my sister. Happy! This is turning out to be the best Christmas ever and the break has not even ended.

I can only hope that you all are  enjoying the holidays as much as I am. It is never about gifts, but knowing that you are loved and showing love in return. I wish everyone a great holiday. Cannot be excited enough for the New Year and all the excitement it brings. 

Good vibes all around! 

Another Oly for my collection! 
Yashica Electro 35 GSN
Thank you, Nikki!
Cannot wait to get started on these. Thanks Memoy!

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  1. oh! so pretty! love the cameras!

    1. I love them too Kat! Thanks for the tips you gave last night.Will be sure to try them out when I take these babies out for a walk :)


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