Art Frame Love Two Days Before the New Year

By joselle - December 29, 2012

“Live your truth. 
Express your love. 
Share your enthusiasm. 
Take action towards your dreams. 
Walk your talk. 
Dance and sing to your music. 
Embrace your blessings. 

Make today worth remembering.” 
― Steve Maraboli

Today was supposed to be spent on the road, enjoying the breeze and the sweet, sugary air of Negros Occidental. But plans get thwarted, which, surprisingly, was OK with me. I had planned on waking up early to get some crafting done, but I overslept again. The cancelled trip left my day open to a lot of possibilities among them finally finishing my artframe and hanging my photos on them. I have always wanted to do an artsy frame from scratch--made out of an old, unused frame, cheap wallpaper for the backing, and cheap wooden paper clips which Lee Plaza sells for less than PHP 50. I finally got around to doing just that today, after I printed some photos and cut them up so they can be clipped on along the brown twine that I had attached on both sides of the frame. Finally, le frame is done! 

Today is December 29, after all, two days before we greet 2013 (Whew!). After a whole year of promising myself that I'd get my own artsy frame done, I finally got around to it, just in time for the New Year! 

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  1. I really miss taking pictures of random things! I haven't done it in months, I envy your shoot with the cameras and crafts.

    I hope you add a photo of the whole frame! would love to see it!

    Happy new year selle!

  2. Here you go Kat! Your comment made me realize that I didn't take a photo of the whole frame haha! I had fun doing the frame, it was something that I really had to scratch off my list or else it would never get done! :)


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