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By joselle - November 22, 2012

Quick, quick post. I went to the carnival today. The city fiesta is in two days, so naturally the perya is here. I have not been to one of these things since I was a child, so it was an experience of memories rushing in as I walked around the suddenly familiar metal contraptions designed to twirl and lift and spin excited passengers into the air. I did no twirling nor spinning, since I have this fear of large, clunky metal things that could fall apart at a moment's notice. My companions and I had a good time snapping pictures, though. We wanted to stay until they lit all the lights, but sadly, there were very few colored lights, most were the regular fluorescent lights wrapped in colored paper.

It was pretty interesting, however, seeing the people there prepare the carnival for another night. It seems like everyone is part of a big carnival family, and I was struck by how many little children were running around, very much comfortable, as if the carnival was their home. I cannot imagine living life as a carnie, traveling from one place to another, never knowing a place where you can stay and return and set yourself down for a  considerable amount of time. I should be thankful that my life is not so mobile, but then again, perhaps they love living life as they travel from one city to another and would not prefer anything else.

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  1. I'm glad we visited. It's one of the things that are still around today that nobody appreciates anymore. If they had nice prizes, I'd actually go and play some of those games.

    I guess the people who run it are used to living like that, or have long accepted they'd have to because it's what they do to make a living. But would you agree that they have quite artistic skills, the people who do the murals and painted signs from the tiny booths to the Ferris wheel rides? I think they're quite artsy. A little rough but it's what makes the outcome so real and traditional.

    Excited to see the rest of the pics!

    1. That is so true Kat, most people don't appreciate going to the carnival anymore. It's not really my cup of tea, not so much, pero as you said, there's a lot to see there. The artworks are very interesting, makes you think people from the carnival are artists in their own right, even though not a lot of people may see them as such.

  2. I saved the pic with my konica selle! I hope you don't mind. :)


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