Oh Pip!

Pepito is my sister's puppy, a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix. He is a bundle of energy, love, drool, and tiny doggie teeth and there's nothing I like to do than bury my face in his warm fuzzy tummy. His first few days with us were marked by frantic visits to the vet (the first at 2 in the morning) since he had digestive problems and we thought it was Parvo. Now, he's all over the house, biting ankles and darting from one corner to another like a black, furry floor mop. And for some reason, he likes to do his business in my brother's room. Go figure.


Kat said...

wish puppies never have to grow up and remain puppies forever!

joselle said...

I wish you could see him Kat. But he's getting a little bit spoiled na,and he likes to bite! A lot!


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