Portraits {Dreamy Afternoons and the Play of Light}

By joselle - November 18, 2012

I spent two days of pure R&R in my hometown, where the Globe signal strength is always down to a measly 2 bars and where everyone goes to bed when the clock strikes 9. It also gave me the time to do an afternoon shoot that I've always wanted to do. I wanted to capture the light as it struck the ground and hit the trees in Pansil, where my Lola is buried. I was primarily inspired by Alexandra Sophie's shots (more about her here), but I also wanted to go for a darker, brooding mood after the most recent play shoot collaboration with Kat, where we got to talking about dark, moody photos and how they seemed to invoke something deep and mysterious that you cannot figure out just by one look at the photo. 

My model is my niece, very pretty Dianna, who was so game I almost forgot this was her first time posing for someone else (like most teenagers, Dianna likes to take pictures and she takes them well.  She is also a great model, a great delight for me since it made the whole thing so much easier.) The shoot was made extra fun since my aunts tagged along, with Lolo and Dionley, Dianna's little sister, not far behind. For some reason the whole thing turned into a delightful little group effort, since Tita Libeth helped me make the wreaths for D's hair, and Tita Verlisa, handy with make-up, added a bit of color to her eyes. Her mom also tagged along for moral support. 
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The place is dotted with large and very old mango trees, as well as a few coconut trees. My Lola is buried in the middle of the space, and although some people would think it morbid that we often head out there to just hang out and enjoy the peace and quiet, for us it is perfectly normal. The place is very beautiful, especially in the late afternoons when everything green turns golden. 
portraits, portraits, portraits, portraits, portraits, portraits,portraits, portraits, portraits
I took most of the shots with my manual Olympus lens, since I forgot my Canon charger in Dumaguete and the battery in my other camera was done to less than half when I set foot in Bindoy. The Zuiko 50mm, which was stuck at 2.8 for some unknown reason, managed to take all the shots I wanted to take, and I founded myself falling in love with this good 'ol lens all over again. There is something to be said about old, vintage stuff. When all else fails, somehow they step up to the plate and deliver the results you want. :)  portraits, portraits, portraits

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  1. Wow you had an entire team with you here diay! Wonderful work, I think it's your best so far! I like Diana's features, her eyes are unique. Can she model for us next time? Hehe I also like the head piece, that it's all big and "bloomy"..

    And what can I say, the light is the most magical thing here, thank god for golden hours, it's one of the miracles we take for granted everyday.

    I look forward to our next shoot!

    1. Thanks Kat! Would you believe na I got the flowers sa Novo? P40 per bouquet, more than enough to make a flower wreath. It was fun twisting the flowers to the shape I wanted too :)


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