The Two D's and a Baby Shower

By joselle - October 14, 2012

Meet Diann and Debra. They're having a baby brother soon and from the looks of it, they're pretty excited about the whole thing. I attended the baby shower since their parents are friends and classmates of mine. I got there before the rest of the visitors arrived, so I managed to take a few shots of the girls. Precocious and very eloquent for their ages, Diann and Debra got me huffing and puffing as I followed them around the house and yard. But they were so cute, so all that work was worth it. Can't wait to see the little brother when he finally arrives!

Hello Diann!
Debra telling me that she wants to hold the props the other way around

cute cupcakes always do it for me. :) 
with Mommy Ingrid

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  1. Oh those cute mustache things! I know the feeling, chasing kids around just to take pictures. It can get more exhausting than shooting adults.

    Btw, I'm now getting feeds of your new posts on my blogger reading list. I never got updates before. Yay!

    1. Kapoy kaau kat pero lingaw! haha! Oh goodie, I think you're getting feeds from me because I made a few changes on my Blogger profiles last night and I allowed feeds. First time knowing about how to do that. It worked diay!

  2. Great photos! Galing! Ang cute naman ng mga kids! :)

    1. Thanks Cee! Yes, they are cute, especially if you hear them talk! :)


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