Portraits {Sunshine After the Rain}

By joselle - October 31, 2012

I never thought I would be able to shoot on a rainy, but I did. After a few days of Facebook messaging and a little bit of preparation we, Rena, Kat, and I got together to do a little shoot. We settled for the SU campus, hoping to find a location that would suit us. There were cute little picturesque nooks all over the campus, and luckily enough we found one, just across the street from the home of classmates who lived inside the campus as well, and who were kind enough to let us in when the rain finally decided to pour down. 

Yep, the rain came, and not just your typical  dainty little shower. It was the kind of rain that drenched you down to your underthings if you stood under it for five seconds. Kat and I, not wanting to waste more time and weirdly optimistic that the rain will let up in a few minutes, braved the downpour in our umbrellas and scoured the location, and we got a bit muddy in the process. But it was fun. The good thing about the rain is that it leaves things in a deeper hue when it leaves, so everything was extra colorful, dreamy, and and the sun decided to shine through right away, which was always a good thing. 

I initially wanted to do a dark, somber theme, but the light was beautiful and so I decided that I wanted to capture that in the photos. There is something inviting about things after the rain. Everything is softer, clearer, and colors are more vibrant. There is something fresh and pure about the leaves, even the raindrops that sit on the barbed wire fence. And the way the sun peeks through, especially after rain in the afternoon, is just magical.

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  1. oh love! the bright sunny treatment really looks good on the theme! love the light leaks! even your name looks so dainty, fits the pics too! :) congrats on a wonderful set, thank you for letting me participate selle!

  2. Thanks Kat! I wanted the effects to rotate around the one photo katong naay light sa background, so I went all out with the other shots nalang pod haha. Glad you like it! On to the next shoot!!!! :D


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