Birthday Lunch at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie Dumagute

By joselle - October 11, 2012

I had my birthday on Sunday, which I marked by going to Hukad with the family. It was my first time there, although Golden Cowrie is one of my favorite restaurants ever (it's one of the places where I make happy noises with abandon) since the food is so Pinoy and so good and everything is overflowing with flavor, from the crispy pata to the ginataang langkka (favorite!). I was so happy when I found out that Hukad, apparently the high-end version of Golden Cowrie, was opening its doors here, although it took me this long to finally try them out. 

This is going to be a short post, since I am drowning in Finals week To-Dos, but I just wanted to post the pictures since I finally have them. Oh food, glorious food! By the way, I didn't bring my camera with me since it is big and lately I've been trying scale things down (my brother has got me hooked on looking at pictures of the Sigma DP line, which is a great camera with such an excellent picture quality for a point-and-shoot.) so I used my mother's phone to capture the food instead. The iPhone is a really great phone, and I was reminded why a lot of people love to Instagram their photos using this phone--it is fun indeed, the phone really focuses well and it is quite fast for a camera phone. 

grilled tangigue
live sisterette
chili chicken
buttered scallops
ginataang langka
pork sinigang
crispy pata
kangkong(?) really not sure what this was, although I'm sure this is good for you.
Now you won't find an attempt at any food review here (like I do that well, or a lot, because I don't). Suffice it to say that I went out with a slightly bigger tummy than when I went in. And I will go back, as soon as I make room in my stomach for another Golden Cowrie binge. I am so going to be there. :)

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  1. Wow! it seems you ordered a lot! but I guess that's kindof a must since it was your birthday! I never got to greet you so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry I didn't know. :(

    The iPhone really is a great on-the-go phone. based on your pictures, it does even have a bit of dof. You should get instagram! but now I just remembered you have a Blackberry.


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