Babies{Bianca Amelie}

By joselle - September 09, 2012

To say that babies are adorable would be an understatement. Babies are simply good enough to eat! I kid, I kid, but seriously, I have realized that babies do not look as scary to me as they did before. Cute, pink, wrinkly bundles of joy, babies are amazing works of art. How could something that complex, tiny, but complete come from inside you? It just shows how amazing our Designer and Creator is. All this occured to me when I visited Gail, a classmate and friend this morning, to see Baby Bam for the first time. Boy, was I in for a treat!  See why!
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Baby Bam is this cute, wide-eyed little thing who likes to observe in silence. Unlike other babies, she rarely cries. She would just look up at you with her big, black eyes. Her yawns, smiles, the way she puckers her lips, made my heart melt. Such a beautiful addition to Gail's and Jett's family. Welcome to the world, Bianca Amelie!

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  1. wonderful light! newborn babie's skin is really worth capturing. I also like the little fingers on her nose!


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