The Basket Weavers of La Libertad

By joselle - September 04, 2012

On my visit to La Limar last August 26, I noticed a small addition to the resort, a small native bamboo and nipa hut with colorful woven bags hanging on the bamboo eaves and stacked on the floor. A round, wooden plaque told me that these were the work of the La Libertad Weaver's Association.

I half expected the bags to be expensive. Made from native pandan fibers, bags like these that reach Dumaguete cost anything from 250 to 300 pesos. Surprisingly, the bags went for cheaper, and they looked great to boot! The color combinations were tasteful, and I particularly was drawn to the  pandan trays that could also serve as great storage boxes that you can put on a bookshelf. In a corner were bigger square boxes that would look great stacked together and could serve as excellent storage for extra couch pillows or toys in the living room. 
view of the beach--'rocky' is an understatement. 
La Limar suffered a little bit of damage during the earthquake, and months later, proof is still there
Serlyn and Rudy 'shopping' 
how cute are these slipper wallets???
coin purses in pink!
should have bought one of these home!
and these too!
native satchels!
They sell native jewelry, such as shell bracelets aside from bags native woven mats
Serlyn holding my nifty two-toned bayong 
The bayongs looked surprisingly stylish as well. Looking back now, I wish I bought one or two of the bayongs, what with the city going full force on its enforcement of the Anti-plastic ordinance. I managed to buy a rectangular storage bayong done in two shades of brown. Was not quite sure what I was going to do with what I just bought, but I loved the brown color and it was the only one of its kind left at that 'store.' 

This is a great initiative, since it gives the local women a way to earn and be creative. No idle afternoons for these lovely ladies! Made me wonder if my own little town had something like this as well.

You can also have boxes and trays made to order. I got Manang Aida's number in case I want to have a few native storage boxes done. She showed me some of her work, boxes, purses, and even bags done in color mixes of oranges, greens, reds, pinks, and light browns. I was impressed. They looked great and would not, in the least, look out of place when placed in some expensive, souvenir store in some large mall somewhere. 

The hut is just next to the parking lot, you can't miss it. :)

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