Foodtripping Alround the Hibalag Booth Area

By joselle - September 08, 2012

Silliman University Celebrates it's Founder's Day in August. This is a week long celebration marked by the setting up of booths in the area fronting the Silliman Library where students get to show off their respective departments and colleges to visiting alumni and outside visitors alike. Aside from college or org booths, the school invites local businesses to join in and they set up their booths here as well. The booth area is a great place to hang out especially if you have no specific cravings for food but still want something to munch on from time to time. Various street food stalls and even temporary outlets of local food chains like Scooby's set up shop to feed the hungry masses that visit the booth area during the day and into the night. I have visited the booth area many times in the past, but I have never consciously focused on the food that was being sold there. This time, I wanted to walk through the booth area while tasting a few of the selections that I found along the way. Thankfully, I had my cousin and a friend with me, so we took turns paying and deciding which stalls to attack.

First in line was Bossing's tempura, which already has quite a reputation in the university. Bossing is known for his tempura sauce, which is classified into 5 varieties, 1 being the least spicy and 5, tongue-searing hot. I usually go for 2 when I eat the tempura from his stall, and for a good reason. The last time I tried sauce number 3 I started choking and tears started falling down my cheeks. I did all these in public, so it's something that I would not care to repeat again.

We bought a total of 15 sticks of tempura and since it was not really that spicy we finished everything off in a matter of minutes. Of course, we needed something to drink so an iced tea stand was our next stop.

We followed that up with a stop at a siomai stall, which sold siomai for 25 pesos for three pieces. The bad thing about eating siomai in the evening is that there is a good chance that the molo wrapper has gone hard and leathery, and the meat could be a little bit on the dry side especially if it has been sitting there then entire day. Ours was indeed a little bit on the leathery side so we were glad we only bought 1 serving. 
The third and final stop was the binagoongang manga stand, where we got sliced apple mangoes topped with bagoong or fermented fish and shrimp paste. The mangoes were crunchy and juicy, not sour at all. It cleaned our palates of the spicy and fatty aftertaste of the tempura and siomai. 
I probably spent P150 at the most for the things I just ate. Not bad, considering that I got to taste three different kinds of stall food that kept me satiated while walking around the booth area. Of course, you do need to be careful when eating from food stalls. I had one unfortunate incident a few years back when I came down with a nasty case of diarrhea after trying out one of the chocolate shakes in the booth area.  I would not touch shakes of any kind after that. Thankfully, we didn't have any encounters with the unsanitary kind during this little gustatory escapade, and I went home with a full and satisfied stomach. 

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  1. I don't know why I always get the level 3 sauce when I buy bossing's tempura. I end up finding it too hot and wish I got level 2 instead. Then the next time I buy, I get level 3 again!

  2. haha!I never get the 3... too hot for me! Mayna na lang nga graduated ang levels of 'hotness' sa tempura ni manong kat haha

  3. joselle, ako to imong kasakay sa trike last month. your old highschool friend hehe...finally created my own blog, pseudo ra nuon akong gigamit...pls drop by :)

  4. Hello Jaime! Great blog! You have eaten at places that I have not tried before. Now I can't wait to try them out! :D


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