Rainy Afternoon Snack At KRI Dumaguete

By joselle - August 04, 2012

I had offered to give Thirde a short tour of the SU campus after he told me that he has never been inside. Friday was a little rainy, but armed with an umbrella, a short walk around the campus was doable. After meeting him at the Portal Building we proceeded to walk towards the VH Hall, where I started pointing out to him the various points of interest such as the  VH Hall, the SU Church, the Science Complex,  the new Nursing building, etc. until we reached the Luce Auditorium, where we had a jolly time wondering why he could not not find any listing for Luce Auditorium on foursquare.

Anyway after all that walking we needed a snack. I had promised to treat him to Chantilly's but Thirde already had his breakfast there, so we headed for KRI instead. This was actually a turn for the better, since I had taken any good pictures of KRI food  during the times that I've been there, so this was my chance to get a few good shots. Our timing was perfect, since we were the only ones in the restaurant at that time. Blame it on the weather or the fact that it was not yet 5pm so people where either at school or at work, so we had the place all to ourselves.

I have only been to KRI three times in the past, so I really had no idea what the good dishes were. Fortunately, my eating buddy for the day, ever the prepared traveler, had Foodspotting on his phone, so we used that to see that other people were eating and loving at KRI. Top favorites were the lemongrass skewers and their burger, but since I had tried the skewers before, I opted for a new dish. I finally decided on the pork empanaditas, which is savory bits of pork and vegetables in a typical empanada pastry shell. To my chagrin, the empanaditas were a wee bit on the spicy side, so after a few bites I   decided to have the remaining pieces wrapped for home.

Thirde was more fortunate in his choice of food. He had the artichoke and sausage fondue which was, in all its cheesy and creamy goodness, was the perfect compliment to the rainy weather. Paired with the bread, the fondue was pure heaven. I really do not know how to describe it. The fondue was creamy and cheesy, with chewy bits of sausage to add a bit of texture. The artichoke was the healthy component to this dish and it made the texture interesting as well.

mini pork empanaditas
artichoke and sausage fondue

We took pictures the whole time, me with my camera and Thirde with his Samsung cameraphone. Looking at his phone and how easy it was to upload photos to Foodspotting, I was definitely jealous and thought about great it would be if I could do the same with my BB. All that aside, we had a pretty good meal, a perfect end to our very short sightseeing trip around the SU campus.

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