Portraits {Lolo}

It was a Monday morning when we decided to take a short walk to where Lola was buried. The place is halfway done, with concrete fences enclosing tall mango trees that continue as far as down the other side of the hill which is bounded by a narrow and shallow creek. Lola's grave is the only one there so far, it lies in the middle of the field bounded by a wooden fence and tall ferns. If it weren't for the fence you would not notice the granite slab bearing her name, or the melted candles  that collect in a solid puddle next to it. The grass was being cut when we visited, so the loud roar  of the grass cutter served as our backgroud noise as we talked and as Lolo laid down the flowers on her grave and lighted the candles he had brought.


Kat said...

Aww. It was a good thing you brought your camera with you that day. The light looks wonderful and your lolo's wrinkled skin adds drama to the close up shots.

You know what, you should take a black and white, low key head shot of your lolo.

something like this: http://media3.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/gallery/101101/GAL-10Nov01-6277/media/PHO-10Nov01-264910.jpg

joselle said...

Wow this is amazing Kat! yeah, this would be a nice project. I'm wondering if I could pull this off... mura man ni studio lighting.

Kat said...

I actually would like to volunteer to join, hehe if dili ra maulaw imong lolo. Pwede ra sa inyong house ato ra butangan ug draping near a window. Our light source will be the window. I could bring my flash also, and you can borrow my nikon if you need to shoot with the flash. But I think kaya ra sa window light.

So? Shall we set a date?

joselle said...

I'll ask my Lolo Kat, he lives in Bindoy man gud and he seldom comes here. Ok ra unta kung naa xa dre gapuyo. Chada pod if kita nalang moadto didto, it would be an excuse for me to go home napod! Nice jud btaw nga model nis Lolo haha

Kat said...

yes, possible pod! how long away is Bindoy from here? would also be a good chance to tak pics around your town. let me know selle ha


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