Happy Founder's Day SU! (Bean Connection, Dumaguete)

Today is August 28, and it's the birthday of my dear alma mater, Silliman University. I had late afternoon coffee at  the Bean Connection, which is a relatively new coffee place in the downtown area. This was my first time to have coffee there, and I must say that I really appreciated the decor. Colorful paintings done by an artist friend of mine adorned the brick walls and I spotted a few friends from school also having their fill of coffee in one of the tables.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the cafe was getting in on the Founder's Day spirit with its commemorative cupcakes.  One had the familiar SU Portal in miniature atop a classic chocolate cupcake, while the other had SU in fat white fondant on a red heart. Cute! I tried both and they were very good, a little bit on the bright dry side for me, but I've tasted worse. I also tried the chocolate cupcake with mocha frosting which was ok. The frosting was very sweet and sugary, although I appreciated the  choco sprinkles and the fluffy way the frosting rested on top of the cupcake.

I had the chocolate chip frappe to go with my cupcakes.  I must admit, I like Bo's version better,  but the Bean Connection's chocolate chip is cheaper and it has the chips that I liked to chew on, which made me happy just the same.

There were other delectable treats that I still have to try, so a next visit to this cafe, perhaps in the following week, is definitely in my list of To-Dos.


Kat said...

I like the decor and the artworks by Hersley at the Bean.

joselle said...

me too Kat, his paintings are really colorful and full of energy.

Anonymous said...

I like the bulletin board,were you able to check it at the rear end of the cafe before the Scoobys Main?

joselle said...
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joselle said...

I only noticed the bulletin today, while I was ordering take out siopao. The bulletin is really a great idea, can't believe other coffee shops don't have something like it. It puts those idle hours of doodling at coffee houses to good use!


Anonymous said...

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