Hanging Out with the Bunas at the Rizal Boulevard

By joselle - August 05, 2012

A friend of mine came home from San Francisco with her entire family in tow. Ate Marife and her mother were my boarding house mates when I was still a first year high school student. We parted ways a few years later when I moved into our house and they rented another house. More than a decade later, she's back with her hubby and four beautiful kids. I got to enjoy hanging out with them by the Boulevard as we conducted a mini family photo shoot since Ate Marife wanted photos that she could take back to the States.

The kids were a joy to photograph, and they took direction like seasoned pros. I especially loved how Gian, the little guy in red, would mimic me by saying 'Smayol!!!!' Cute! The kids laughed easily, and they laughed hardest when Mom wiggled and danced in front of them. After an hour under the sun, the kids were tired and asking for ice cream, so we wrapped things up with a series of playful family shots. 

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  1. Hi, Selle!
    just saw this today... What could i say... except KUDOS to you and you are so awesome... I am so glad you took the time from your busy sched to accomodate us and did this for us. I know it is a labor of love for you.I really felt I haven't thanked you enough for this wonderful pics you took of us... The photoshoot was one of the good things that happened and one of the highlights of our vacation... LOve you and wish I can have a chance to entertain you when you come here to the States one day.. keep up the good work.. You are so blest and talented in so many ways!

    1. Thanks te Fe! Miss you and the kids! Will definitely take you up on that offer haha! God bless!


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